As a business, you don't have time for when the computer breaks. You shouldn't have to contend with viruses, broken hardware, software that's old and antiquated or IT people that come and go when the schedule suits them! 


That's why you need a DOUBLE J SERVICE CONTRACT. It's tailor-made to fit your business. So as you grow, your contract is there to support you. Best of all, it's billed by the quarter or monthly - there's no annual fee!

Ask us today how your business can benefit!! 

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a friend stop by every so often and help you with all of your computer, TV, home theater, gaming, wifi, and security related questions?


What if that friend could come by a few times a month, or you could call your friend 24/7 to get support for a variety of issues? 

With Double J, we can be that friend! Call us today to ask about customizable residential service contracts for yourself or a family member!  Now starting as low as $99 with a monthly check up included! 


We'll be that friend of your family.


T: 1-877-887-7830 EXT 1 


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