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About Us:


So, it's 2019. 


After three years in business, we're so happy to have reached this milestone. We started out as two friends who met at work and whom both loved technology. More so, we had a mutual love for computers, gaming, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and networks.


We decided that we like working with each other so much that we would go into business and that's how Double J IT Consulting was founded. We have over twenty years experience in the IT industry and we're ready to assist you with all of your business needs.  From residential, small business and enterprise, we stand at the ready.  




Mission Statement


When we started this business, we wanted our clients to know that we see them as our friends. We treat them as if they were a member of our family because when you become our customer - you are!


We are very grateful to all of our Double J IT Customers who were with us from the beginning and have stayed with us. With every experience, we want you to know that we care about giving you the best service, quality and customer experience.  Every client, from business to residential, is important and will benefit from what we can offer.


As we grow and prosper, we promise to give back to our fantastic Long Island community as much we're able. As we begin our third year in business, due to all of our wonderful and supportive Double J Customers, we are grateful for putting your trust with us. We'll continue to have two J's Get the Job Done and head into year 3.


At a time when it seems like the PC market is waning, we don't see that way and will continue to manufacture, produce and sell - quality PC's - that are made here in the United States on our wonderful home of Long Island in the county of Suffolk.  


We also understand the importance of mobile computing and cloud technology and realize more than ever - business needs to be mobile and no longer tethered to the office. We can show you ways to become untethered from the office and expand your horizons to save you time, money and energy.




2018 was an important year.

We added a wonderful staff member to head our Sales & Marketing division.  Double J IT believes that our employees are the core of our business to bring new customers to us and reach out to our communities. While our CEO and Chief Technology Officer (Chief of Tech) do their part to try and secure new business., our employees are the ones who work tirelessly. Therefore, we feel, as a company, that they need to be treated with respect, decency, and honesty.  We believe that as we grow we will stand out as a company which makes our employees an integral part of our success. For every success, our employees will reap these benefits, as will our communities.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We believe in a ROWE workplace for all employees and want our employees to prosper as we prosper. 


While at this time we are not hiring - when we are, we will make sure that you are aware! 


Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our third year in business!

Let's go for year 4!! 


All the best, 



CEO, President



CTO, EVP. Prod. Dev. 






T: 1-877-887-7830 EXT 1 


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